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waldraut hool-wolf Ausstellungen

mixed technique oil on wood and oil on paper

20.11.2006 - 30.3.2007

Airport – Zurich
Pro – Air AG, Fracht West
8058 Zurich – Airport
Andreas Gehriger / Phone +41 (0)44 804 2002

Open from Monday to Friday
from 8.00 clock to 12.00 pm
from 14.00 clock to 18.00 pm

In my pictures reflects movement, power, energy and courage to the colour.
It is the joy on the colour.
The joy on to think on to be empathize in colour and forms and it follows that anything what with words is not to make then it is emotions with colour and forms

My marked preference is the French impressionism which to capture the emotions of the moment.
The influence of the light on the motive was for the impressionists important.
They used mostly bright and powerfully colours.

At that time was the attention of evils and that brought most abstract pictures with mainly dark colours
Dark – colours to bind the energy and cried more melancholy thoughtfulness

I would like to wittingly to get the counterpoint the point

Art becomes alive, where one permits it. Where art unites, a habitat develops

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