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Kunst von waldraut hool-wolf
Pavi Art - Fair
31.3.2023 - 2.4.2023
Palazzo Esposizioni,
Piazzale Europa – 27100 Pavia(PV) Italien
Biancoscuro Stand No.: 18
Contact: Mr.Vincenzo Chetta
Bringing the hand to the spirit on the wooden wall, or metal, is a piece of soul that we make visible. My artwork reflects movement, power, energy as well as the courage to use colour. It is the joy of shapes and colors. Art is the addiction in my life.
Aktuelle Ausstellungen
31.3.2023 - 2.4.2023 PaviArt - Fair (27100 Pavia)
30.3.2023 - 2.4.2023 ArtExpo New York (New York)
Circle France:Circle Art Spotlight- Contemporary Art Magazine France No.28 & No.30

Biancoscuro Art Contest 2023
ARTfair Innsbruck 2022 [VIDEO]

Biancoscuro Rivista D' Arte Art Magazine
Year 2022 No.:55-52 / Year 2023
Miami Beach Art Basel, Art Fair Bergamo No.55 /Art Paris+ par Art Basel ,Art Innsbruck,Art Padova No.54 / Art Berlin, Art Vienna No.53 / Art Basel, Art Monte Carlo, Art Karlsruhe No.52

Fantastic at Art Basel Biancoscuro Art Magazie (No.52)
Bringing the hand to the spirit on the wooden wall is a piece of the soul that we make visible to put his thoughts and feelings into words and then you hold the Biancoscuro Art Magazin in your hand my art history can also be seen in it Biancoscuro is a collector's magazine that makes history
Art Basel, Art Monte Carlo, Art Karlsruhe
I.T.V. Holz-Art Gallery presents the artists at the Jambo Art Fair on June 2014

Kunst von waldraut hool-wolf
ArtExpo New York
30.3.2023 - 2.4.2023
The Artavita - World Wide Art Pavilion
SHOW LOCATION: Pier 36. Lower East Side 299 South Street, New York, NY 10002
Artexpo New York Art Fair
Art Contest for exhibition within the World Wide Art & Artavita